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The Cut, a new novel from George Pelecanos starring his new hero Spero Lucas hits bookstores on August 29, 2011. Read an excerpt on Facebook.

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George Pelecanos is a co-producer of HBO's The Pacific and on the writing team for Treme.

Rave reviews for The Way Home.

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Magnet Magazine has done an amazing roundup of George Pelecanos' books. Check them out:

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    "One of the finest novels of the year....Although Pelecanos pays homage to his crime-writing roots . . . it is the central questions of how men can have purpose and atone for their sins that makes THE TURNAROUND an indelible read." -Los Angeles Times

    "THE TURNAROUND tells its stories masterfully, constricting the characters' lives into a white-hot singularity of violence . . . THE TURNAROUND isn't an oddity in the author's stellar career?it's just another intimate, suspenseful, gritty, hopeful slice of life?but it does indicate that Pelecanos can chart his own course through the crime genre and beyond." -The Onion AV Club

    "George Pelecanos is characterized as a crime-fiction writer. As his 14th novel reinforces, however, he?s more interested in sketching the lives of Washington, D.C.?s working-class people than recycling chic pulp postures. . . . THE TURNAROUND concentrates less on the rush of violence than on the reverberations it has on people?s lives." The reviewer credits Pelecanos for "the ability to guide readers through urban terrain with such tastefully terse prose and anthropological acuity." -Time Out New York

    "The change in Pelecanos? writing mirrors the change in a typical Pelecanos character. . . . This is unquestionably a good thing: If he?s abandoned the longueurs about whiskey and Dischord bands, it?s in favor of sentences that say the most in the least amount of time. . . . in THE TURNAROUND, every line behaves like there?s serious work to do.? -Washington City Paper (Includes "Pelecanos Dictionary")

    "Mr. Pelecanos is a writer with formidable gifts. He builds a suspenseful story, both harsh and humane, and resolves it in a satisfying and plausible way. And like the best social-realists, he shows an understanding of each of his characters, from the least sympathetic to the most benign." -Wall Street Journal

    "Features some of Pelecanos?s most precise and effective writing. . . . even without the gunplay that?s long been a cornerstone of his work, his books have the potential to become true classics of urban American life. THE TURNAROUND makes that abundantly clear." -Minneapolis Star Tribune

    "George Pelecanos, the working man's champion among genre authors, is still keeping close neighborhood watch in THE TURNAROUND, alert to signs of the social rot and moral decay that contribute to crime. The home truths he examines here . . . are familiar themes of his gritty Washington-based novels. But he has rarely pushed these articles of faith to such painful extremes or seemed so optimistic about the chances for redemption." -Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review

    "It almost seems that George Pelecanos is hard-wired to write superbly observed urban crime dramas." -The New York Daily News

    Listen to George Pelecanos' interview with Leonard Lopate on WNYC.

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    Pelecanos' recommendation of True Grit by Charles Portis on NPR's You Must Read This

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    "As George Pelecanos's storytelling style increasingly takes on a blunt economy like Elmore Leonard's, his central concerns become ever more clear: He writes about manhood....He tells a tight, suspenseful story. And he packs enough of a wallop to put The Turnaround on an express bus of its own."
    —Janet Maslin, New York Times

    "It's a mature story, told with easy mastery, and no one who cares about Washington and about excellence in American writing should miss it."
    Washington Post

    "Pelecanos does what few, if any, American writers do: He tells the truth. Twain told the truth; Faulkner toyed with the truth; Hemingway told his version of the truth and Chandler certainly told a cold, cynical truth. Pelecanos' truth is from deep in the heart, from places where red blood cells know more than all the sweet, heady words truth usually hides behind."
    Chicago Sun-Times

    "[Pelecanos's] dialogue is dazzling."
    Arizona Republic

    Listen to George Pelecanos reading from The Night Gardener with Steve Wynn playing backup music.

    Watch the video from George Pelecanos and Steve Wynn's performance at Magnetic Fields in Brooklyn, NY on August 8, 2006.

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